Plays are so much fun!


I’m gonna Get you In the Movies!

Wrote Script & Words & Music

The story of a young child actor, trying to break into the world of acting in the 30’s. Heavily drawn from Marilyn’s own experiences.

The King’s New Clothes

Wrote Script & Words & Music

An expansion of the classic fairytale, The Emperor’s New Clothes. Written to showcase talents of over 40 young people.

Marilyn continues to love acting, whether in front of the camera, an audience, writing or directing. It’s all quite wonderful. But when other people appreciate her work, that’s when the magic starts. You can call it that “Hollywood Magic” but she’s always found it rewarding.  As an adult, Marilyn turned to writing music, lyrics and scripts. She found it to be an extremely satisfying experience, watching these groups of young people perform her original works, developing their poise and personality, along with the appreciation of many audiences. Several of these performers have gone on to create substantial acting careers.

Here are two of Marilyn’s original works.

Alice in Wonderland

      Wrote  Words & Music

An expansion of the classic fairytale, Alice in Wonderland.

My Fair Lady

Marilyn likes to keep her drama skills active. She has acted in numerous plays in regional theater over the years, including many leading roles.