Marilyn’s Movies

The films of Marilyn Knowlden 1931 - 1944

Women Love Once

Studio: Paramount

(Director: Edward Goodman)

Played Janet Fields, as the 4 year daughter of Paul Lukas and Eleanor Boardman.

The Cisco Kid

From unpublished story “The Silver City”

Studio: Fox

(Director: Irving Cummings, also former director of silent version)

With Warner Baxter & Edmund Lowe. Played Annie, daughter of Nora Lane.

Husband’s Holiday

Studio: Paramount

(Director: Robert Milton)

Played Anne, daughter of Vivian Osborne & Clive Brook.

Susan Lenox

Studio: MGM

(Director: Robert Z. Leonard)

With Clark Gable & Greta Garbo. who played Susan Lenox, as her Governess,

taught Marilyn geography lessons. (Scene cut in later releases.)


Studio: Fox

(Director: Allan Dwan)

With Elissa Landi, Victor McLaglen & Una Merkel. (In uncredited role.)

Once a Lady

Studio: Paramount

(Director: Guthrie McClintic)

With Ruth Chatterton, Ivor Novello and Jill Esmond

Marilyn was in over 50 movies and other productions. 
Her movies range from classics to adventure and gave her the chance to act with an amazing diversity of actors.


The Conquerors

Studio: RKO

(Director: William A. Wellman)

(Producer: David O. Selznick)

Played young Frances, one of the twins and daughter of Richard Dix & Ann Harding.

Young Bride

aka: Love Starved, and also Veneer

Studio: RKO

(Director: William Seiter)

(Exec Producer: David O. Selznick)

With Helen Twelvetrees, Eric Linden & Arline Judge.

Call Her Savage

Studio: Fox

(Director: John Francis Dillon)

With Clara Bow & Thelma Todd.

Played Clara Bow’s mother, Ruth, as a young pioneer crossing the plains in a covered wagon.

One of the few “talkies” that Clara Bow was in and her next to last film.

Handle With Care

Studio: Fox

(Director: David Butler)

With James Dunn, Boots Mallory & El Brendel.

Life Begins

Studio: Warner Bros.

(Exec Producer: Darryl F. Zanuck)

With Loretta Young, Eric Linden & Aline MacManon.



    Vitana Mix - Short Subject

       Studio: Independent


    White King - 3 Short Subjects

       Studio: E.B. Taylor

       (Writer & Producer: Photoplay)

       Played the official “White King Girl”


    An Evening With Edgar Guest

       Studio: Jam Handy

       Filmed in Detroit.

    John Deere Short Subject

       Studio: Independent

    Snickerty-Nick And The Giant

       Studio: Independent

       (Writer & Producer: Julia Ellsworth Ford)

       A pioneering color

Best Of Enemies

Formerly: Five Cents a Glass

Studio: Fox

(Director & Screenplay: Rian James)

With Charles “Buddy” Rogers, Marian Nixon & Frank Morgan.


aka: The Road To Heaven, and also I Am Guilty of Love

Studio: Fox

(Director: John Francis Dillon)

With Ralph Morgan & Boots Mallory.

The Mind Reader

Studio: 1st National Pictures/Warner Bros.

(Director: Roy Del Ruth)

With Warren William, Allen Jenkins & Constance Cummings.

Little Women

Studio: RKO

(Director: George Cukor)

(Original Music: Max Steiner)

1 Oscar Won: Best Writing, Adaptation

2 Oscar Nominations: Best Picture

Also Best Director

With Katharine Hepburn, Frances Dee & Joan Bennett.

Played one of King children and Amy’s classmate, taught by Frances Dee.

Morning Glory

Studio: RKO

(Director: Lowell Sherman)

1 Oscar Won: Best Actress

With Katharine Hepburn & Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Played child actress in Prologue.

(Entire Prologue, with Katharine Hepburn and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., omitted in later release.)

The World Changes

Studio: 1st National Pictures/Warner Bros.

(Director: Mervin LeRoy)

With Mickey Rooney, Paul Muni, Aline MacMahon, Guy Kibbee, & Mary Astor.

Played Selma, as a child. (uncredited)

My Bridge Experiences

aka: Culbertson Featurettes

Studio: RKO

With Ely Culbertson, bridge expert.

As The Earth Turns

Studio: Warner Bros.

(Director: Alfred E. Green)

With Jean Muir, Donald Woods, Russell Hardie, David Durand, & Wally

Albright. Played Esther and sweetheart of David Durand.

Imitation Of Life

Studio: Universal

(Director: John Stahl)

(Sound Director: Theodore Soderberg)

3 Oscar Nominations: Best Picture

Also Best Asst Director, & Best Sound, Recording

2005 Award: Natl. Film Preservation Board

With Claudette Colbert, Warren William, & Rochelle Hudson. Played Jessie Pullman, at age 8, Claudette Colbert’s daughter. (Baby Jane Quigley played Jessie as a baby, and Rochelle Hudson played her as an adult.)

David Copperfield

aka: The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, & Observation of David

Copperfield the Younger

Studio: MGM

(Director: George Cukor)

(Screenplay: Hugh Walpole)

3 Oscar Nominations: Best Picture

Also Best Asst Director & Best Film Editing

With W. C. Fields, Freddie Bartholemew, Frank Lawton, Edna May Oliver,

Basil Rathbone, Lionel Barrymore, Maureen O’Sullivan & Hugh Walpole.

Played Agnes, daughter of Mr. Wickfield (Lewis Stone) who is the girl

David eventually marries. Also played theme song on the piano.

Les Misérables

Studio: 20th Century Fox/United Artists

(Director: Richard Boleslawski)

(Producer: Darryl Zanuck )

(Original Music: Alfred Newman)

4 Oscar Nominations: Best Picture

Also Best Asst. Director, Best Cinematography & Best Film Editing

With Fredric March, Charles Laughton, Rochelle Hudson, John Carradine &

Cedric Hardwicke. Played Little Cosette opposite Fredric March (Jean

Valjean.) Screenwriter Hugh Walpole adapted script to an 8-year-old,

rather than 13-year-old Cosette.


Studio: 20th Century Fox

(Director: Richard Boleslawski)

With Lawrence Tibbett, Virginia Bruce, Cesar Romero, Christian Rub, Walter

Brennan & Alice Brady. Played little girl in tea room.

Condemned To Live

Studio: Invincible

(Director: Frank Strayer)

With Ralph Morgan. Played Maria, the Young Girl.


aka: Public Nuisance No. 1

Studio: 20th Century Fox

With Irvin S. Cobb, Slim Summerville Dean Jagger & Jane Withers as Pepper Jolly.

A Woman Rebels

Formerly: Portrait of a Rebel

Studio: RKO

(Director: Mark Sandrich)

With Katharine Hepburn, Van Heflin, & Herbert Marshall, Played Katharine

Hepburn’s daughter, Flora, age 9.

Easy To Take

aka: Right in Your Lap

Studio: Paramount

(Director: Glenn Tryon)

(Producer: Adolph Zukor)

With Marsha Hunt & Carl Sweitzer (aka Alfalfa)

Played Gwen Ferry, a “radio entertainer,” and sang solo “Cross Patch.”

Show Boat

Studio: Universal

(Director: James Whale)

1996 Award: Natl. Film Preservation Board

With Paul Robeson, Helen Morgan and played Irene Dunne & Allan Jones’

daughter Kim, as a child.

Anthony Adverse

Studio: Warner Bros.

(Director: Mervyn LeRoy & Michael Curtiz - uncredited)

4 Oscars Won: Best Actress in Supporting Role, Best Film Editing, Best

Cinematography, Best Music & Score

3 Oscar Nominations: Best Picture.

Best Art Direction, Best Asst Director

With Fredric March, Olivia de Havilland Billy Mauch, Claude Rains, Akim

Tamiroff & Scotty Beckett.Played Florence Udney, who would become

Anthony’s eventual bride.

Rainbow On The River

Later released as Down In New Orleans

Studio: RKO

(Director: Kurt Neumann)

With Charles Butterworth,, May Robson, Alan Mowbray, the Hall Johnson Choir & Louise Beavers. Played Lucille Layton, Bonita Hume’s daughter,

opposite Bobby Breen, and played the piano.

Slave Ship

Studio: 20th Century Fox

(Director: Tay Garnett)

(Producer: Darryl F. Zanuck)

With Warner Baxter, Wallace Beery, Elizabeth Allan & Mickey Rooney, Played

girl who christened the ship.

Marie Antoinette

Studio: MGM

(Director: W.S. VanDyke II)

3 Oscar Nominations: Best Actress in Leading Role, Best Actor in Supporting

Role, Best Art Direction & Best Music, Original Score

With Tyrone Power & Robert Morley and played Norma Shearer’s daughter,

Princess Théresè.

Angels With Dirty Faces

Studio: Warner Bros.

(Director: Michael Curtiz)

3 Oscar Nominations: Best Actor in Leading Role, Best Director & Best

Writing, Original Story

With James Cagney, Pat O’Brien & Humphrey Bogart. Played Laury (Anne Sheridan later was the adult) as a child.

Barefoot Boy

Studio: Monogram

(Director: Karl Brown)

Played girlfriend of Jackie Moran, Julia Blaine.

Just Around The Corner

aka: Lucky Penny

Studio: 20th Century Fox

(Director: Irving Cummings)

With Shirley Temple, Joan Davis, Charles Farrell.

Played Gwendolyn.

Hidden Power

Studio: Columbia

(Director: Lew Collins)

(Producer: Larry Darmour - uncredited)

With Jack Holt, Dickie Moore. Played Imogene.

All This And Heaven Too

Studio: Warner Bros.

(Director: Anatole Litvak)

3 Oscar Nominations: Best Picture

Best Actress in Supporting Role & Best Cinematography/B&W

With Bette Davis and Charles Boyer.

Played one of Bette’s students, Marianna Van Horn.

Way Of All Flesh

Studio: Paramount

(Director: Louis King)

At age 14, played Julie Kriza, 19-year old daughter of Gladys George & Akim Tamiroff.

Son of Fury

Studio: 20th Century Fox

(Director: John Cromwell)

With Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney & George Sanders.

Played Isabel as a Girl in Prologue. (Prologue cut in later releases.)

Broadway Rhythm

Studio: MGM

(Director: Roy Del Ruth)

With George Murphy, Lena Horne, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Tommy

Dorsey & Gloria DeHaven. Played co-ed in drugstore (uncredited & cut

from current release.)

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