Favorite Movies


Fredric March once said that of all the movies he had ever been in, that Les Misérables was his favorite. Marilyn says she feels the same, that because of her role as young Cosette, it was certainly her favorite movie, too! There was drama, tenderness, a chase scene, a terrific screenplay story, a wonderful screen father that loved her dearly, great sets, interesting costumes, a brilliant director — what’s not to like?!? And now all these years later, Marilyn’s very own face in the role of the young Cosette is featured on most DVDs!

On and off screen, most of Marilyn’s time was spent with Fredric March, Richard Boleslawski and Charles Laughton. Marilyn was aware even at the time, what an extraordinary experience it really was.

She also had the chance to be featured in the release of Les Misérables, the book. She was Cosette, of course!

Les Misérables